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At No Sleepless Nights, you’ll discover effective ways to get a better night’s sleep. There’s a wealth of advice here, so below are some suggestions to get you started.

Practical tips for better sleep

Whether you suffer from short-term insomnia or a chronic sleep disorder, there are many practical self-help techniques you can try.

Sleep experts and doctors recommend what’s known as good sleep hygiene. This involves focusing on all the factors that can affect your sleep, and trying to create the ideal conditions for good sleep.

Even if you’ve already tried some of the suggestions before, you’ll hopefully find something new in this extensive self-help section.

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Find out about strange sleep disturbances

Some of the most popular articles are in the parasomnia category. Here you’ll find discussions of the unusual, and sometimes frightening, experiences which can occur during your sleep.

Many people arrive here feeling worried about something that happened to them at night. And they often leave feeling reassured once they understand what it is, and that they’re not the only one who experiences it.

Some examples are sleep paralysis, hypnic jerks, exploding head syndrome, sleep hallucinations, and nightmares.

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Sleep product reviews

Here you can find out about different products created to help you sleep. You’ll find information about useful accessories, such as sleep headphones, earplugs, white noise machines, travel pillows, cooling and heated mattress toppers, and over the counter sleep aids.

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Do you have a story to share?

Many articles have developed into fascinating discussions, with readers sharing their stories and theories about what might help you sleep better.

Feel free to get involved; you’ll be helping others by contributing to the ever-growing resource of practical ideas for dealing with sleep problems.

The blog is where you’ll find the latest articles on a variety of sleep topics, including:

  • Discussions of sleeping pills and natural remedies.
  • Lessons learned from the author’s own efforts to manage insomnia.
  • Articles about sleep disorders.
  • New research and news in the world of sleep.

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